africanfabric obi order

Sale! Until 9/30 (Sat)!

Half-width obi from African fabric

Now accepting orders at a discounted price!

Until 9/30 (Sat) ¥23980 (21800 + tax) ~ → 19800 (18000) ~

*Price is for 4m. Additional charges apply for long lengths

Would you like to order a half-width belt from africanfabric? We currently have around 40 types of African fabrics available at our store, and we accept orders for reversible half-width belts made from two types of fabrics.

How about some original tabi to match your obi?

We can tailor tabi socks in the size and shape that suits you.

The tailoring is done by Kineya Tabi, a long-established store in Gyoda City, the town of tabi. We have Kineya's samples from 21.5cm to 25.0cm.

We do not normally provide samples for those who would like a custom order or those whose size is 25.5cm or larger. Although it will be a little later, the next Omitate meeting is scheduled for sometime next year. We will inform you once the details are decided.

africanfabric tabi ¥5830 (5300+tax)

We have more than 30 types of tabi made from African fabric in sizes and shapes that suit your needs. How about matching it with a half-width obi?