Available upon liar sleeve order

I started liar sleeves made-to-order

Favorite fabric, will be tailoring you in your choice of sleeve width sleeve length

Sweaty season. Silk Nagajuban think the care it's nice and a little melancholy. Liar sleeves that time in half undershirt! Anyone who has increased. But commercially available instead of sleeves are standard size .... ... If there is only a place of sleeves yourself in your favorite fabric. I started tailor-made liar sleeves from such your voice. I think that it is sufficient even in the race sleeves of half undershirt if everyday wear, but still fashionable Misedokoro also cuffs glimpse. Not only from the cloth, First of all, please consult can respond so long as it is suitable for undershirt other than tailoring and kimono of solving the undershirt of recycling. Tailoring is politely will tailor you one by one by all domestic Japanese dressmaking workers.


NEW Liar sleeves tailoring

~ I will tailor your liar sleeves - your choice of fabric

Also hard to recycle of kimono find the perfect undershirt a variety length sleeves!
If liar sleeves Why. Body if available in, such as your half undershirt is clean is easy because washable Zabuzabu!

Sleeve of your choice to suit your kimono, we will tailor your at in the sleeve width. Glimpse cuffs fashionable kimono Misedokoro! Can so that we can accept from or consultation dough undershirt is fun to try to challenge regardless of unique instead of sleeves for undershirt!

Unlined kimono ¥ 4,950 (4,500+ tax) -
Matchless ¥ 5,500 (5,000+ tax) -
Long-sleeved kimono ¥ 7,700 (7,000+ tax) -

※ The above is a charge of tailoring from the cloth. Separately incur additional charges to your tailoring from the cloth for dressmaking from outside the cloth.
※ fee solved If you are tailoring sort of from the recycling of undershirt and kimono, water through bills such as there is the case that additional charges.

The one your own not commercially available or do not try to tailor your?

Quote Free!

"Do or make sleeves instead of in this fabric? Please feel free to contact us If you think the "

Tuesday, water, Saturday 15: 30-16: 00, fire 13: 00-13: 30 Japanese judicians are directly recalled and consultation! ReservationFrom here

The above time zone can be recalled for recipient consultation only, but it can be estimated relatively quickly. Please feel free to contact us at the date and time consultation.


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