Ebisu tabi socks are now on sale!

If you have trouble with your feet, why not try Kotabi, a tabi bag with a strange shape that looks like the toes and insteps have been cut off? We have samples of each size available in our physical stores.

What is “Kotabi”? When do you wear them?

Keep your arches healthy

Ebisu Tabi Honpo continues to make tabi that are easy to walk in based on ergonomics. ``Kotabi'' is a new type of tabi made with the body in mind, regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western clothing.

By wearing ``Kotabi®'' that is perfectly sized around the width of your feet, it can be used as a supporter to tighten the foot properly, regenerate the lateral arch of the foot, and return it to a healthy state. For daily use, wear it as an inner layer for socks, pantyhose, and tights, as well as geta, sandals in the summer, and under socks in the winter. Why not wear it every day and feel the changes in your body?

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Abisu Foot Bag Honpo This Big

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Abisu Foot Bag Honpo This Big

 Those who feel that the crotch of the foot hurts
 Those who are worried about the sunburn of sweat and feet
 Those who are often trying to step forward at the time of sports
 Those who are working
 Opening foot * and excretionIf the horizontal arch of the foot is broken and it is a wide feet
 If you are walking from the outside of the foot (small fingers)
 If it is easy to get tired, it is aware of it
It is a recommended product.

👉You can use it as a supporter that tights up and tightens the foot of the foot and plays a lateral arch of the foot and returns to a healthy condition.
👉Daily life is also available as an inner of socks and pantyhose tights.

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ゑびす足袋本舗 こたび ベージュ 足袋 ゑびす足袋本舗
ゑびす足袋本舗 こたび ベージュ 足袋 ゑびす足袋本舗

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