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Gallery Tasa Silk Woodcut Glood Nagoya Band

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What is the woodful editionA technique that dyeing a textbook with a textbook carved by a pattern. There are various patterns such as plants and paisley statements. This product is a traditional pattern of India depicting people's life.

Square: 100% silk
Core: 100% cotton
Size (approx): 31 cm about 385 cm
Made in Japan (fabric: manufactured by India)


* Subject nature, clauses, weave unevenness, etc. may occur.
※ You may differ slightly from the actual color by your monitor.

Fabric Tassa Silk is a kind of silk that is made by spinning the yarn of Norma's yarn eating and growing with Sarah leaf in India is very rare than the silk of rabbits. The fiber is thick and there is a clause, the color of the yarn itself is a thin brown and a natural beautiful shade of nature.This zone characterized by the cool silk touch. It is likely to enjoy with the seasonal motif with the excitement. Tassar silk, which has a unique glossy with a glossy, with a violent texture. It is recommended for those looking for plain bands that fit your favorite 紬!

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ギャラリー凛 タッサーシルク 木版更紗の名古屋帯 名古屋帯 ギャラリー凛
ギャラリー凛 タッサーシルク 木版更紗の名古屋帯 名古屋帯 ギャラリー凛