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Kitakaya Shoten Hamamatsu Cooking Woman Defender Border Polka Dot ()

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Mitoya Shoten Morimoto's Disho Class 1 Ticket 120 minutes ¥ 3300 (5/20 to 4/20) + Yo Kitaya Shoten's hand-brought one gift !

First of all, how is it from making bagmaking to be completed in one time?
Our Japanese classroom is no admission fee, so it's free to participate in only one time. Of course, the reaction is also OK. If you are sleeping at your home or purchase with a Flima app, please bring it if you have a favorite.

If you can not participate in Japanese Classrooms in your distant far, you will only have a washcloth presents. Please specify a net shop (Please give me a piece of price from the work of Mr. Kitaya shop) email.

Kitaya Guide Yukata

Border × polka dot ()

100% cotton

Approximately 12.5 x 41

Mr. Morimoto of Morimoto, a "Kitaya shop" which is produced an original washcloth in Hamamatsu CityIt is an infectious yukata with "warmth" unique to manual dyno.Even men can be tailored, but it is cool even if women are served! It is a yukata, but if you can enjoy it, I will enjoy it from the time of a single coat.