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Saasaawa Japanese Court✖️ Ghana's cloth's cloth-wing ※ Kimono and band are references

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Saasaawa monkey wing

※ The coordinated kimono and band are the reference product.

Length 90 cm Length 69

100% fabric woodin

It is a single tailor, but it seems that only a relatively thick solid fabric and I hope to enjoy it in a casual scene even at the time of a fabric. Woodin's glamorous gorgeous dress is a bit beautiful coordination.

【Tailoring unit Saasaawa】

Using African cloth focusing on Ghana, a tailor unit Saasaawa (Sasawa) Saasaawa, which makes a yukata and a half band with an old-fashioned taxation technology, Saasaawa says the meaning of MIX in a local language Tei. Is it like Edo Norimono? Is this a child of a deer? Oh, here is a daiko dyed ...? If you look closely to a vivid Ghana cloth and look closely, there are also familiar patterns here. I wanted to saasaawa with this cloth and Japanese traditional. It is carefully tailored with one piece with a solid technology.


[Please read it before purchase]

Similar to Japan's phases, dyeing may have no deviation to uneven and print. I hope you enjoy it as a taste of dyeing.

We have confirmed that the Wakondo itself is watered through and there is no extreme color fall, but there is a possibility of some color loss. Please be careful about the kimono to match.


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saasaawa 和裁✖️ガーナの布 単衣羽織※着物や帯は参考商品 羽織 saasaawa
saasaawa 和裁✖️ガーナの布 単衣羽織※着物や帯は参考商品 羽織 saasaawa
saasaawa 和裁✖️ガーナの布 単衣羽織※着物や帯は参考商品 羽織 saasaawa