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mizutori げたのみずとり

Like only Shikibu SH-17 purple stream / purple (Kakura stripe stripes) M (23 to 23.5 cm)

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[Description 1] Hand carved moss of craftsmen who pursued modern design and goodness.

※ Only M size is in stock. S. L size and other colors are ordered.

Cautions for use

※ The woodland may differ due to natural wood.

※ For convenience of the screen, the color of the photos and the actual object may be different.

※ It may be different from the photographs by the product, the color and the handle look.

※ The height of the heel may differ slightly for hand carving.

※ Please use it carefully because it may be scratched when hitting hard ones.

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げたのみずとり SHIKIBU SH-17 紫流/紫(小倉 縞縞) mizutori げたのみずとり S(約22.0~22.5cm)