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Number-Suuu-Bird Beast Carrying Tada

Number-Suuu-Bird Beast Carrying Tada

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【Takayama Temple official product】 Bird and Beast Carrying Band / Tata

Rich Color and Design Band's Number of Brands-SUU- From Bird Veterijo Caricapi's Belt Appears! As with the print struggle, it is said that it is said to be one of the annual events from the Middle Ages. We summarized the bottle of the eater of the wolf drawn on the 15th paper, and it was summarized in the frame that imaged (arch-like instruments that the bronch had). National treasures and birds and animals are said to be the oldest manga of Japan, one of the popular motifs for those who like kimono. We will deliver with a gift box dedicated to birds and beasts.

※ Band tightening is a reference product.

Motif Size: About 28mm Vertical × Collection about 34mm

Material: Pewer

Brass: Brass


This item is made with one handmade. Therefore, the same work is a delicate that paints and facial expressions are slightly different.

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