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Kitakaya Shoten Hamamatsu Rate × Enshu Meiga Eko × Border

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Kitakaya Shoten Hamamatsu Rate × Enshu Meiga Eko × Border

Hamamatsu paste stained in the Uchimo Taki Site in the Ikenuma Woven Kobo.

Do you want to make cotton kimono, which will be served other than summer now, now the house time long?

A cotton kimono that is easy to wear and wear at home. Now you have a long time, do you enjoy everyday everyday with kimono?


Size: 36 cm × about 12 · 5 m

Enshu cotton seed life use

100% cotton

Specifications and features

The striped-sight was dyed in the voder (horizontal stripes) in the voder (horizontal stripes) with the characteristic "full-zuna", which was defended by the characteristic "fullhu cotton blossoms", which was protected from the Edo period in the Echo region, which is mainly in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The original textile stripes and the border of the infect tissue are overlapping and the atmosphere is also tuned and it is an interesting finish. "Infected" is a technique that pours the dough glued and pouring the dye from the table to the back. It is characterized in that the front and back are likewise dyed to stain the glued dough and pour the dye from the table to the back. By using it repeatedly, the fabric is more softer and gentle touch, so please enjoy the change.

● Because it is a hand-broken brickness, it will drop some slightly. In particular, it may move to other things that contains water, so please hand wash before use. In addition, please avoid using detergents with others and detergents with fluorescent brightener, divide into other things,

● Some blurred, handle, color unevenness or color unevenness may be due to a single-piece craftsman, but it is not a defective product, so please purchase above. Please enjoy as a taste unique to hand dyed.

● Please note that photos and real items may differ somewhat different.