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Cheating Yuka "Daisuke" of Shin Edoiodiodu

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Chopsticks of Shin Edoiodiodu


It was funny, big scallop. A draft of Showa Eye from the end of the Yurayura line attractive.

It was also in the original original image, and the semicircle also reprints the mold as it is.

Because the size is a 40 cm wide reaction

You can also enjoy the longer.

The fabric is a slab fabric with a cotton 85% hemp 15%.

"Tokyo Infected"

Infected informed by hand wipe and yukata. In Tokyo, it has been certified as a traditional industry in Tokyo, and the craftsmen is still manually gave the dough and manually dyed.

The most fragile features of the fragment are poured into a stacked fabric with a poured from the top to letters, so there is no lining table.

This is a unique soft expression that is not in the printed product.

I think that the handle casre and fluctuation can be considered as a tasteful taste.

Process of treatment manufacturing process (in Married shop HP)

Be sure to check the following matters before purchasing.

【Product Specifications】

Fabric: Cotton 85% Hemp 15%

Dimensions: Width approximately 40 cm length 12 m


It is possible to wash at home at home.

Please wash it on the net or put it in the net and wash with a weak water stream.

Please drain after dewatering.

Tumbler drying may cause shrinkage. Please avoid.

[About product handling]

* The image is taken close to the color of the actual item, but please be aware that there is a difference from the actual product color for the image of the published image.

* Please note that the color may move due to sweat or friction at the beginning of the fabric staining.

* Please hand wash with other things when washing.

* Please note that there are individual differences such as slight dimensiones, dyed unevenness, patterned.

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