My name is Irohado, a recycled kimono store located in Asagaya, Suginami Ward. In addition to kimono-related products, we also carry hand-dyed tenugui. In 2000, we started offering Japanese sewing classes, kimono tailoring, and consultation on alterations.

I chose the name ``Irohado'' because I wanted to help people take their first steps in learning the basics of kimono, and I myself, as the owner, wanted to take on many new challenges. The decision to write it in kanji numerals was just a whim. 1 is the first number, 6 and 8...the fonts widen towards the end, which seems to be auspicious? I decided it intuitively.

``I've worn furisode at coming-of-age ceremonies and yukata in the summer, but it seems a little difficult.'' ``I'm really interested, but I don't know where to start.'' ``I haven't worn the sleeves lately, but...I still love kimonos!'' If you are interested in kimono, please feel free to take a look. We use a residential apartment as a store, and the store requires courage to take the first step as you take off your shoes before entering the store.However, once you see the chaos inside, you'll definitely feel more comfortable visiting the store from your second visit. is. We offer flexible proposals according to the customer's budget and requests.

Located on the second floor of the Asagaya Pearl Center apartment building, an arcade that connects JR Asagaya and Subway Minamiasagaya Station. The entrance is inconspicuous and difficult to find, but the sign with the frog logo is a landmark. We would be happy if Ichirokuhado could be an opportunity for you to encounter and reunite with kimonos.

Owner Ayumi Kato