Japanese sewing workshop

[Reservation required] Tuesdays and Saturdays Reservation required

[Japanese law consultation]

If you have any questions about the kimono or fabrics you have lying around at home, our Japanese tailors will be happy to give you one-on-one consultation.

Consultation fee: ¥2,200 per 30 minutes

[About kimono alterations]

We will look at each item one by one and provide you with a detailed estimate. The repair period is usually 5 weeks.

Estimated price

This is just an average amount.

Sleeve length correction ¥12,100
*Additional charge will be made if side lines are removed and revised.

Sleeve length adjustment ¥6,600
*Additional charge will be made if the sleeves are removed and altered.

Clothes repair ¥15,950

Adjustment of length ¥23,650
*7150 if cutting and repairing the hem

Eight-hook replacement ¥27,500 *Eight-hook fee not included

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