Shichi-Go-San Shoulders up, Hips up

Wishing for your child's healthy growth

Shichi-Go-San: Shoulders and hips raised.

Congratulations to all the children and families celebrating Shichi-Go-San this year. We wish you all the best in your health and growth.

Ladies and gentlemen, could you please check out the Shichi-Go-San costumes? We understand that you are busy, but we recommend that you unfold the item to check for dirt and let your child try it on. In most cases, if maintenance is required, it will take more than a month. (*Currently, we are not offering cleaning services.)

Every year around this time, we receive many inquiries about Shichi-Go-San kimonos. When I put it on just before putting it on, I found that the shoulders were not raised and the sleeves (sleeve length) were too long.Why?There are many people who are not familiar with raising their children's shoulders and hips. Nowadays, there are fewer opportunities to wear kimonos, and mothers and fathers who are busy with housework, work, and childcare every day find themselves in a panic at the last minute.

At this time of year, from late September to November, we receive a sharp increase in inquiries about applications for urgent Shichi-Go-San kimono shoulder and waist lifts. During the Shichi-Go-San season from October to November, there are many applications for shoulder-raising and waist-raising. However, we only have one person in charge of Japanese dressmaking, and we also handle other alterations, so we are limited in the number of items we can accept during the period. Basically, it takes 4 weeks. If you are in a hurry, there will be an additional rush fee, so if you are considering it, please contact us as soon as possible.

``Shoulder up/waist up'' involves sewing the shoulders and waist of a child's kimono, which is made larger with the premise that the child will grow, in accordance with the child's growth. While it is practical, it also means ``wishing for your child's future growth.'' In the days when the kimono was worn for everyday wear, families would raise their shoulders and hips to make a wish with each stitch. If you have children celebrating Shichi-Go-San, your days must be passing by like arrows, but if you would like to try it yourself, please feel free to contact us about Japanese sewing classes.

~Children's kimono shoulder-raised, waist-raised, half-collar attachment fee~

Shoulder up ¥2.200 (2.000+tax)
Raise your hips ¥3.300 (3.000+tax)
Half collar attached ¥2.200 (2.000+tax)

*The above price is for one piece. In the case of kimono + long undergarment, the fee is for 2 pieces.

*If you would like your item completed within 4 weeks, we will charge an expedited fee. Please contact us for details.

Please check with the person requesting the kimono in advance about raising the waist.

Depending on the kimono dresser you ask to dress your child, they may ask you to bring your child without raising their hips, as they will adjust their height using a handshake just like adults. There are various advantages and disadvantages, local customs, etc. when it comes to whether or not to raise your hips or not, so it is best to consult the kimono dresser who will be dressing you and then discuss it with your family. think.

For reference, in the cases we have received so far at our store, many of the children were concerned about their children's clothes coming undone and were concerned about comfort, so many of them also raised their waists. If your mother is planning to dress her child in a kimono, and she is willing to wear a kimono , she may be able to dress her child in a kimono during the year-end and New Year holidays. There was also a 7-year-old girl. Again, please check with the costumer you are requesting first.

[Japanese sewing workshop reception hours]

Tue:・Sat 15:30-18:00

*Depending on the reservation status of the Japanese sewing class, openings after 13:30-19:00 are negotiable. Please feel free to contact us via LINE first.


Since I work alone, I am often unable to answer the phone, which may cause inconvenience. We look forward to hearing from you via LINE, email, or other SNS messages.

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