I will make a kimono dimension table

We will make a picture table


Do you know your mind?

Good luck and buy before the tailoring from the back of the bag! And I like it, such as a Flima app or a wrinkle purchased on the internet, but did you buy it, but don't you get rid of it? I think that there are many scenes that can be requested by the net by the corona vortex, but the first person may have a certain way to stop the hand in the scene of the dimension input? Somehow the dimensions are grasped, but if you can see you who can not understand your optimal dimensions, please come to our shop. Dimensions of kimono are possible with minimal information such as height and bust hips and lengths, but the best size is slightly different due to how to wear, use, preference, etc. I will come. In our shop, we will carry out a measuring table while thinking carefully with your favorite and applications. Please contact us if you want to recently change the shape and review the dimensions again.


Consultation & Dimension Table

-Dimensional table creation fee-

Counseling & Dimension Capture 45 minutes ¥ 3,300 (3,000+ tax)

What to be prepared

Please come with clothes and bring a kimono close to your own best size. We will actually wear and counsel. If you don't have a kimono, please let us know in our shop.

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