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Takahashi Shikobo Kobo そ (beauty) [Polyester Masase M = M]

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Takahashi Shikobo Kobo そ (beauty) [Polyester Saisa Sa M]

Recycled kimono from kimono and important people. Anyway, there is no choice but to wear it! It is also recommended to say that it is recommended. Because it is unnecessary to be sewed in skin wear, it is a single structure that has no desorption tape, but it is not limited to the skin wear of the workshop studio, butIt is also attached to T-shirtConvenience is attractive. Winter is wearing or wandering in the clothes, and the そ is becoming a standard for my usual things.

It is a "easy and beautiful and unlocked lap" recommended for all of the people wearing people and enjoying the kimono.


1. The clothes strikes are beautiful and time is not covered before

2. Because it is a rubber belt

3. Even if the whole girl is loose, it can be fixed


Bust: 79 cm to 87 cm
Height: 152 cm to 162 cm
Wid width: 5 cm
Bust: 86 cm to 94 cm
Height: 157 cm to 167 cm
Wid width: 5 cm
100% polyester%
Clash and clothing part
65% polyester 35% cotton%
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たかはしきもの工房 うそつき衿(美容衿)【半衿なし 】 和装下着・小物 たかはしきもの工房 M
たかはしきもの工房 うそつき衿(美容衿)【半衿なし 】 和装下着・小物 たかはしきもの工房
たかはしきもの工房 うそつき衿(美容衿)【半衿なし 】 和装下着・小物 たかはしきもの工房
たかはしきもの工房 うそつき衿(美容衿)【半衿なし 】 和装下着・小物 たかはしきもの工房