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Studio Ku's Finished Fine

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Studio Ku's Finish
"Travel" Dracula

If you draw a story that tiger comes out
It became such a cup.
What is the destiny of the instructor and how? ?

● Instructor of
Doracula's orchestra
Ultra C

Price 770 yen (tax included)
100% cotton
About H330mm × W350mm

Career handling
★You may fall down, so please wash it separately.
★Do not leave for a long time with wet.
★Do not use bleach.

Production Studio Ku
Description Leaflet Printing Nakano Express Printed Store

★"Studio Ku Hihaya & Utility"

Middle-aged girls who continue living with over 20 years. Illustrator.

She also handles comic essays.

Already published book "Citrus" "Two-san life" "Hot spring yukata trip" (East press publication)

From August 2019, COMITIA also exhibits.

Studio Ku's Blog: "Kimono"


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スタジオクゥの洒落ふきん 「トラづくし」ドラキュラ ふきん スタジオクゥ