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池沼織工房 千織

Ikenuma Ori Studio Enshu cotton pongee Enshu stripe Yuzakura *Sold by meter (1=1m)

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Ikenuma Ori Studio

Enshu stripe Yuzakura

Sold from 1m (1 = 1m) If we do not have the desired quantity in stock, please contact the physical store so we can order it for you.

Fabric width: approx. 36 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Features: Can be used for all things such as clothes, kimonos, miscellaneous goods, fabrics, etc.

Please read before purchasing:
-Depending on the viewing environment, the color of the photo and the actual item may look slightly different.
- Even if you purchase the same fabric, the color may vary depending on the season, weather, and lot.
・When it gets wet with water, it will shrink by about 3%, so please take this shrinkage into consideration when ordering, and rinse it with water before using.
・As this item is woven using a traditional loom using natural threads, please understand that there may be some scratches or uneven weaving as part of the fabric's taste.

    池沼織工房 遠州棉紬 遠州縞 夕桜 ※メートル売り(1=1m) fabric 池沼織工房 千織
    池沼織工房 遠州棉紬 遠州縞 夕桜 ※メートル売り(1=1m) fabric 池沼織工房 千織
    池沼織工房 遠州棉紬 遠州縞 夕桜 ※メートル売り(1=1m) fabric 池沼織工房 千織