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Saasaawa Sharpo "Key"

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Saasaawa Sharpo "Key"

375 cm × 16 cm

100% fabric

Both sides are the same pattern. If you want to look at the real thing, please take a look at yourself at the nearest husband.

Using African cloth focusing on Ghana, a tailor unit Saasaawa (Sasawa) Saasaawa, which makes a yukata and a half band with an old-fashioned taxation technology, Saasaawa says the meaning of MIX in a local language Tei. Is it like Edo Norimono? Is this a child of a deer? Oh, here is a daiko dyed ...? If you look closely to a vivid Ghana cloth and look closely, there are also familiar patterns here. I wanted to saasaawa with this cloth and Japanese traditional. It is carefully tailored with one piece with a solid technology.

It is a unique band, but it is also strange and favorable to Japanese woven kimono and infectious yukata. Do you not enjoy kimono life more casually with collaboration coordination of Africa and Japanese traditional technology?


[Please read it before purchase]

Similar to Japan's phases, dyeing may have no deviation to uneven and print. I hope you enjoy it as a taste of dyeing.

We have confirmed that the Wakondo itself is watered through and there is no extreme color fall, but there is a possibility of some color loss. Please be careful about the kimono to match.

 The color may fall when it gets wet in the water. Please use dry cleaning.

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saasaawa 半巾帯『『ババババティック』 帯 saasaawa