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一六八堂 irohado

3/21 (Monday) Maketo's Day Limited Planning Making Course Making Course

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Take-to-Limited Planning of the Wanden Take-to-Limited Planning Course Making Course

3/21 (Mon) 10:00 to 12:00 Up to 5 people

As a product, five kinds of washcloths were prepared for Japanese-style classrooms as products, such as their tints. Please choose from 5 photographs in the store.

Regular fee ¥ 4180 → 3/21 (Mon) Wrong Runny Price ¥ 3980

【What to bring】

If you have a sewing tool, you will lend you if you don't have it.

※ There is no delivery of lesson ticket. Please choose the fabric at the store.


【実店舗イベント】和裁教室1回講座 あづま袋作り90分 service 一六八堂 irohado online shop

[Materials for Azuma bags now on sale]

Please feel free to bring your own towels and fabrics for Azuma bags, but they are also available for purchase at our store. We also have items available in addition to those posted online, so you can purchase them on the same day, but some items will be posted online by Afterglow.

Tuesday/Saturday Japanese sewing class held

If you want to try sewing other things besides making Azuma bags, please join us at our Japanese sewing class. There is no joining fee, you can choose the number of times you want, and the challenges can be discussed. Please feel free to contact us.

Lesson hours

Tuesday/Saturday 13:30 19:00

Each 120 minute lesson ¥4400 tax included

Japanese sewing class details