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Kitakaya Shoten Hamamatsu Rate [Yoshitan Haruaki] Green

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Hamako Matsumatsu stain

Arabisa patterns have a sense of auspicious classical patterns such as "prosperity" and "longevity" because they grow without having a strong vision. While putting a sense of presence of large arabes, it is a lovely one that meets Morimoto to add a pretty bird motif there.

Specifications and features

A piece of craftsman is dyed by the hand of craftsmen by the technique of "Infected". It is characterized in that the front and back are likewise dyed to stain the glued dough and pour the dye from the table to the back. Please feel the warmth of traditional techniques and manual disgusting.

By using it repeatedly, the fabric is more softer and gentle touch, so please enjoy the change.

● Because it is a hand-broken brickness, it will drop some slightly. In particular, it may move to other things that contains water, so please hand wash before use. In addition, please avoid using detergents with others and detergents with fluorescent brightener, divide into other things,

● Some blurred, handle, color unevenness or color unevenness may be due to a single-piece craftsman, but it is not a defective product, so please purchase above. Please enjoy as a taste unique to hand dyed.

● Please note that the color taste is somewhat different in photographs and real items

Size: 36 × 90

Use of the Eiuchi Lab

100% cotton

made in Japan

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