【staff blog】着物だけじゃない!遠州木綿からこんな素敵なワンピースも

Enshu Momen POP UP ~ 2024 until the end of March

As we announced the other day, thanks to the generosity of Hamamatsu's Ikenuma Ori Studio, we will be able to keep more than 100 types of precious fabrics for a long time, until the end of March. When I see so many of my favorite cotton fabrics in front of me, I think, ``I want to make this!'' "Can I use half of this fabric and half of this fabric as a substitute? ”, and the fantasy of tailoring spreads. That's why I've been neglecting my blog again, so starting today I would like to introduce Enshu Momen little by little through the works of customers in my Japanese sewing class.

A dress that perfectly utilizes the 4 stripes of Enshu Momen Chiorijima.

We received some wonderful photos from a customer from England who purchased Enshu Momen from our store towards the end of last summer.

The dress in the photo is made from Enshu cotton. When I purchased the fabric, I was shown a photo of the same design in a plain color, and I was excited to see how it would turn out if I made it from striped Enshu cotton.

The customer had a Japanese friend with him and he was also good at Japanese, so we lined up various fabrics and chatted with them, trying things out through trial and error. It's fun to choose fabrics for kimono and clothes and think about coordination! And the excitement of waiting for the finished product is the best part of custom-ordering!

The fabric mainly used this time is Ikenuma Ori Kobo's Enshu Momen Chiorijima series. I was looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product, but a few months later, the person in person came to visit our store even before I could take the photos! The design, which takes advantage of the Chiori-striped pattern with four different stripes woven into it, was very popular on X (formerly Twitter), so although it's been a while, we're introducing it again on our blog.

The Enshu Momen Chiorijima series introduced this time has only a few pieces of fabric available for immediate sale, but samples are available in all colors. There are subtle color differences that are difficult to see online, so if you are in the area, please go to a physical store and pick it up.

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