Regarding delivery

【about shipping cost】

Domestic shipping

Honshu ¥ 880 Shikoku / Kyushu ¥ 1180 Hokkaido ¥ 1380 Okinawa ¥ 1580

Takkyubin Compactable Items Commodity Nationwide ¥ 650

Nekopos DeliveryAchable Item Products All National Common ¥ 380

※ If you purchase the product tax included ¥ 22,000 yen, we will be borne by the Company.


About delivery method

The delivery method is to be designated to be designated, and in principle you can not choose to choose. Specifications of dates and time zones are also not accepted. Ships within 3 days except for some products after payment confirmation.


【About delivery date】

Basically, after delivery is completed, it arrived in 2-3 days. (For remote islands, you may borrow 3 to 4 days.)

In addition, it is not limited to the area where natural disasters and large events are held. Please note.