Takahashikimoto workshop

Takahashikimoto workshop

Metrica accessories that make the Kesennuma kimono life comfortable

His Kashiwa Hakata Hakusuki Hasuki Hakusuki Hasuki Hakushi has been developing kimono from the standpoint of keeping kimono, and it has been creating an idea product such as a convenient Japanese-style accessory to enjoy kimono and feel free to enjoy kimono. increase. Why don't you enjoy the kimono life "gentle and interesting" noted by the established concept in the workshop product.

Original product will be ordered

Our shop is a regular store with Hakusuki Kimobo

There are many customers who are entertaining kimono life in one of the favorite products and flima apps that have been purchased from the important one and the favorite one. If you are chosen to choose that, I am guiding you as one of the options. Our shop is a major product of recycled kimono, so it is a large number of kimonos within 10,000 yen. Undershirt of recycling of Kinumono also because it sells at an affordable price, the initial cost towards the perfect score slip + liar collar of Takahashi kimono workshop item will be conceited. Still, the reason for guiding me to the forget of the kimono workshop product is a long eye that can be washed at home, the functionality that protects kimono from dirt, feel free to enjoy kimono . If you do not enjoy a kimono once a year, we will guide you for a recycling octauto and affordable polyester washing, but if you have a kimono 2 or 3 times a month There are a lot of recommended Japanese-style clothes and accessories.
Our shop is a small store, so some products, sizes are also limited as part of stock, but we accept the order at any time, so please feel free to contact us. EC site product is being prepared! Please contact the store in stock stock.

PUT ON Kimono Bra M. L size only Sample is prepared

Only Size M / L with many inquiries is available. If you are going to get lost in mail order, please give me your voice. Please contact us if you're in the event of a sample for one sample.
PUT ON Kimono Bra M. L size only Sample is prepared

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Supplementation lesson of Takashi Shikimoto

IN Showa House Studio


Next to Suginami Ward, next to Suginami Ward, in Showa-ku-ku studio, a dressing lesson can be held from the adviser of Hakusuki Studio with a convenient and easy settlement using simple goods. increase. If you have already had a product, you will be beautiful to wear a slight tip on wearing. In the Showa House Studio, the sample of the main product of the Shikimo workshop has been aligned and can receive lessons with the best size. (Please contact us for more information) I'm also a strong friend who is indebted to be a kind of kindness about Japanese-style bra and full-scale slips that you are lost in size, and there is something I do not know now! If you are purchasing in the workshop workshop, we recommend that you experience one by all means who want to wear the way to wear and wear it.