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新江戸染 丸久商店

New Edo dyeed Married Woman Reprinting Michuu <Snow Wheel Chira> Washing

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[Reprinted and plushing]

"Reprinting and plushing" is originally used in yukata

Using traditional male-printed Ise-type paper,

It is a dish that is chopped and reprinted as a wrinkle.

Ise-type paper designated as an important intangible cultural property is

Not only as molded paper for mere staining

The artistic nature of the pattern is evaluated and

It is a traditional craft technology used.

Married shop owned by "reprinting and luke"

Number of Ise-shaped paper

Using carefully selected type paper for each season,

One item is one item of work of the artisan at that time.

【Product Specifications】

Fabric: 100% cotton

Preparation: Infected

Dimensions: about 90 cm × 34 cm


【About product】

* Please note that there are differences between the image of the published image and the actual product.

* Please note that the color may move due to sweat or friction at the beginning of the fabric staining.

* Please hand wash with other things when washing.

* Please note that there are individual differences such as slight dimensiones, dyed unevenness, patterned.

* This product uses old type paper, so it may be discontinued and changed without notice due to the damage such as damage.

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