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Kitakaya Shoten Hamamatsu Rate × Enshu Meige [Summer coloring feeling]

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I'm sending it with a kimono style now!

【Summer coloring feeling】

A pleasant wind blows out of summer afternoon ....
I am using a fabric called "first snow" of Enshu cotton seeds, but I felt summer pace when I got it, so I had a summer name.

It is a gem that uses the traditional textile "Enshu cotton son" which has been removed from the Edo period in the Echo region, mainly in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
"Enshu cotton blossom" is mainly characterized by stripes. There is an infecting fabric streak with the original textile streaks and the atmosphere of the original textile streaks, and the atmosphere is also an interesting finish.
If the textile is only fabric, the retro style streaks will be such a pop cute feeling.

Size: 36 × 90
Enshu cotton seed life use
100% cotton

● Some blurred, handle, color unevenness or color unevenness may be due to a single-piece craftsman, but it is not a defective product, so please purchase above. Please enjoy as a taste unique to hand dyed.

● Please note that photos and real items may differ somewhat different.

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